Pre Engineered Steel Buildings

The pre-engineered building system is, without doubt, one of the fastest growing building systems in the world.

Leading Manufacturers

The pre-engineered building system is, without doubt, one of the fastest growing building systems in the world. The advantages that it offers appeal to all parties involved in the project. After all, who can resist a building system that offers speed, quality and value. For today and in the future, Steel has become the material of choice in building construction, compared to concrete and timber. Thus steel building designs have become more flexible, durable and adaptable.

Pre-engineered buildings can be adapted to suit a wide variety of structural applications; the greatest economy will be realized when utilizing standard details. An efficiently designed pre-engineered building can be lighter than the conventional steel buildings by up to 30%. Lighter weight equates to less steel and a potential price savings in structural framework. Pre-engineered buildings, compared to conventional steel buildings, offer numerous advantages especially when it comes to low rise buildings.

Pre-engineered buildings are ideal for use in non residential, wide span low rise buildings. Among the advantages of PEB is low cost, consistent quality control, and fast delivery to name a few.


  • These are Pre-fabricated and have 100% salvage value at any time.
  • No welding at site is required. It is very safe for industries were welding inside plant is restricted.
  • Self-supporting ready-made components are used, so the need for shuttering and scaffolding is greatly reduced.
  • Construction time is reduced and buildings are completed sooner, allowing an earlier return of the capital invested.
  • On-site construction is minimized.
  • Quality can be controlled while the product is in production.
  • Less waste is generated.
  • Molds can be used several times.

    Eco Friendly

  • Lower weight reduces foundation requirement.
  • Highly recycled and can be continued to be recycled.
  • Durable if protected form corrosion.


For Building that require a Crane System, Shamuna Structures Supplies the Columns and Rafters with Crane Brackets Designed for Crane System. Shamuna Structure also supply Crane Runway Beams. The Customer has to get Supplied of Crane Bridge and its Accessories from the Crane Manufacturer. But has to provide the details of Crane Bridge to Shamuna Structure at the time of Designing the Crane System.

Application of PEB'S

  • Factory Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Sports arenas
  • Workshops
  • Parking Areas
  • Toll Plaza
  • Railway Stations
  • Petrol pumps
  • Schools
  • Commercial Complex
  • High-Rise Buildings
  • Convention Centers